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“Our mission is simple. We’re here to help you succeed. We have taken our passion for technology and award-winning customer service and have combined them into a valuable service that our customers need.”

Adam Thomas – Founder / Owner

Why Netwurk 47?

The best that cloud has to offer

Netwurk 47 has partnered with one of the most successful cloud providers in the business so that we may offer you a complete and worry-free experience.

Fit for your corporate needs

All of our services meet or exceed established security standards. No matter the requirements of your business, your systems and applications will be both fast and secure.

We work so you can rest

We offer intelligent monitoring that can track your systems 24/7 so that you can rest easy knowing that your critical resources are being monitored.

Up to date notifications

Our alerting systems can provide notifications for just about anything. We'll keep you appraised of any outages as well as any custom alerts you'd like to keep track of.

Performance Tracking

Stay ahead of the game by identifying bottlenecks within your infrastructure. We can proactively make changes to your systems before they become a problem.

Uncompromised Customer Service

We specialize in providing world-class customer service. Our representatives take pride in providing your business with the technology and support that it needs to grow.

Test your internet connection speeds.

Use this speed test to determine how fast and stable your internet connection is. If you are consistently below the speeds that you are paying for then you may have problems within your network. Review our services to see how we can assist.

Now offering mobile support.

We can now remotely connect to your mobile device and assist you with setting up email, adding a VPN, connecting to Google Apps… or even just help you snap a great selfie.

Proud to connect your business with the following services.

"Netwurk 47 was able to free up critical resources by taking over the maintenance of our systems. Now our engineers have the time to invest into other projects.
Taylor Williams
CFO / Business Center Oregon